About 2learn2

Who are we for?

Educational platform 2LEARN2 is designed both for those who want to acquire, improve and expand their knowledge in any new field and sphere or master any additional skills as well as enhance proficiency and for different specialists who are ready to share their knowledge with all interested people.

We offer an opportunity to users of our platform at any convenient time of the day and from almost any part of the world to obtain remote access to all the presented educational courses  which  constantly grow in number and are continuously improved by professional teachers and specialists.

Specialists and teachers themselves get an opportunity to offer and share their educational courses and methods which are thoroughly reviewed, examined and filtered by us so that as the final result only high quality and affordable materials and courses could find their place at the platform for all those who wish to learn and get skilled.

What makes us different?

But the fundamental, exclusive and special feature of our platform, which guarantees quality of materials and courses as well as competence of teachers, is a unique and verifiable tool that lets users assess teachers’ work.

That tool is teacher rating system. You can  find out more about it here.

You can always find complete information about teachers on our website and also contact us at any time with any questions you are interested in regarding courses, teachers, payments and other.

We haven’t forgotten our teachers either and have equipped them with wonderful tool as well thanks to which not only will they be able  to use their methods and courses teaching all interested users but also they will gain an opportunity to act as curators of their own courses giving other teachers access to their courses, acquiring additional advantages as a result.

We hope you will ultimately benefit on our platform. No matter who you are - a teacher or a students, as we believe that everyone must benefit in the end.