FAQ desc

Q: Is 2learn2 account free of charge ?

A: Yes, but you need to pay for each lesson except lessons that we are providing for free.

Q: Is there any testing lesson free of charge  ?

A: Yes, after sign-up you will get coupon ID which you can use during first test lesson to skip payment page.

Q: How can I decide what course is ok for?

A: We have detailed explanation, and anytime you can call 2learn2 and discuss about it

Q: How can I set lesson appointment to teacher that I like from previous lesson ?

A: You cannot set lesson appointment with specific teacher, but you can rate any teacher and next time our engine will use your rate to assign teacher

Q: Can I cancel/change lesson?

A: Yes, please read terms and conditions

Q: What if my credit card is not working in your system?

A: In this case we will suggest you to call your bank in most cases they are putting restriction on cards.