English for beginners

Length: 25 sessions

Designed for: beginners

Not for: pupils studying for State Final Exam and Unified State Exam as well as learners of Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced levels.

The course has a slogan “First comes freedom then comes accuracy” which belongs to the well-known polyglot Dmitri Petrov who is sure that first of all you must learn to speak foreign language and only after speak with accuracy. Thus this course will help you within short period of time master skills of basic communication based on the mastering underlying “algorithms” of the language and apply it practically, raising to the level of automatic behavior.

Petrov’s method is significantly used in the course and we offer to teach you to start speaking right at the first session. with the help of this course you will master the basic vocabulary and will be able to use it in your everyday life. This “friendly” enough method will help you learn building the maximum number of speech patterns using even small number of words chosen in accordance with frequency of use. Starting from the shortest expressions you will learn to gradually extend sentences with the help of memorizing base structures, raising them to the level of automatic behavior and to shape a skill of using these structures in practice.

Our teachers will try to present the material for you in a friendly format that will turn an education process into an effective and pleasant time for you. At the same time this method will help you to quit yourself of fear and emotional and psychological barriers connected to the lack of self-confidence and fear of possible mistakes.

Session 1.     Let’s build simple senteneces: pronoun + verb!

Session 2.     Regular and irregular verbs. Types of pronouns.  Тwo verbs in succession.

Session 3.     Question words, demonstrative pronouns.

Session 4.     Auxiliary verbs (action or state). To be, to do, to have. Continuous teneses.

Session 5.     Modal verbs.

Session 6.     Tag questions, tag questions of surprise, short answers.

Session 7.     Prepositions and conjunctions.

Session 8.     Nouns (singular and plural forms).

Session 9.     Uncountable nouns.

Session 10.   Articles (the shortest words in English language).

Session 11.   Time (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, seasons). Time expressions. Prepositions of time.

Session 12.   Possessive case of nouns (apostrophe + s).

Session 13.   Adjectives (degrees). Colours.

Session 14.   Pronouns (possessive, intensive, indefinite)

Session 15.   Adverbs of manner and place.

Session 16.   Adverbs of time and degree.

Session 17.   Forms to indicate the existance or location of something in a certain place (There is, there are).

Session 18.   Imperative mood (Do it! Let’s do it!).

Session 19.   Phrasal verbs.

Session 20.   Perfect Tenses.

Session 21.   Spoken English: etiquette, family, house.

Session 22.   Spoken English: occupations, jobsites, learning sites, shopping.

Session 23.   Spoken English: natural phenomena, weather, nature.

Session 24.   Spoken English: appearance, clothes, food.

Session 25.   Spoken English: hobbie, travel, city.